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How do you choose shirt colors for men?

  1. Understand color theory
  2. Consider your skin tone 
  3. Look at your hair color
  4. Invest in basic colors
  5. Pay attention to other colors in your outfit
  6. Keep on exploring different colors

Many guys don’t know how to pick T-shirt colors that match them best. To choose the right one, it’s essential to learn more about color theory and base your options on a number of factors — such as skin tone and hair color. Other than that, you also need to consider other clothing pieces in your wardrobe. If you want to improve your look, keep on reading to learn some helpful tips on how to choose shirt colors for men. 

Understand Color Theory

Understand Color Theory

The first order of business is to learn about colors and how they work. Let’s refresh your memory about the color wheel from your grade school and high school art classes. 

The color wheel is made of primary colors, which are red, yellow, and blue. All other colors from the wheel are derived from these three. Then there are secondary colors violet, orange, and green. These are the result of mixing two primary colors. After that, there are six tertiary colors, which are created by combining a primary and secondary color. 

Look at the color wheel. Here, you will find complementary colors or colors that are located directly across from the other. These colors tend to look good together! Examples are red and green or orange and blue. The colors are bold, so these are often used by sports teams!

There are also analogous colors, which are colors that are placed next to each other. One example is green and yellow-green! Designers use these colors to set a theme. For instance, pairing blue, blue-green, and green can achieve an overall mood of calmness.

Consider Your Skin Tone

After learning more about colors, the next thing you need to do is to look at yourself. Specific shirt colors work best with certain complexions. The important thing to remember here is contrast. For instance, if you have a lighter skin tone, aim for darker colors because light-colored shirts will tend to wash you out. Some good suggestions would be choco brown, berry red, and violet!

If you have darker skin, the same rule also applies. Opt for light and bright colors to help your skin color pop. Some recommendations include white, cream, or even gold yellow

Look At Your Hair Color

Look At Your Hair Color

The next tip is to check out your hair color. Together with your skin tone, this can help you choose a color that is more specific to your appearance. For instance, if your hair color is a stark contrast to your skin tone, you should also try to mimic this color difference in your clothes. For instance, you can wear a white polo shirt with a dark-colored jacket if you have black hair and pale skin. 

If you have both light hair and light skin, then it’s best to go for a monochromatic look. For men that have dark hair and brown skin, you can pull off a high contrast combination — such as a white shirt and a dark jacket/pants. If you have light brown hair and light skin, you can go for fewer contrasting combinations. 

Invest In Basic Colors

Invest In Basic Colors

Most men look good in classic colors such as white, black, and gray, so you can also consider adding these shirt colors to your wardrobe. These are must-have essentials for every person’s wardrobe, especially if you’re following the minimalist approach. 

Other than these classic colors, you can also add life to your wardrobe by purchasing warm-colored T-shirts. Warm colors make you feel energetic and lively. Recommendations include red and choco brown

Lastly, you can also try cool colors which are soothing and pleasant to look at. Examples are moss green and navy blue!

Pay Attention To Other Colors In Your Outfit

Aside from your shirt, you should also consider the other aspects of your outfit — such as your pants or shorts and shoes. Basic colored pants are better because they complement various shirt colors. For instance, black, blue, and brown pants are easy to pair with. Also, keep your shoe colors simple if you want to look effortlessly good. 

Keep On Exploring Different Colors

By now, you might have a basic understanding of what looks good and what doesn’t when it comes to choosing shirt colors. But that shouldn’t stop to experiment with colors that you haven’t worn before! If you’re interested in a unique color that is not often worn by many people — such as neon green or aqua blue, follow your taste, so you could enjoy your style. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know how to choose shirt colors for men, you can make the best outfits whether you’re going to work, out with friends, or just when you’re feeling extra fancy! Consider your hair color, skin complexion, and other pieces in your wardrobe, so you can create the best looks. Invest in basic colors if you don’t want to think too much when styling your outfit, and experiment with more unique ones if you want to stand out. 

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