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How do you style polo shirts?

  1. Keep a collection of basic polo shirts
  2. Ensure the fit is right
  3. Tuck or untuck the polo shirt
  4. Pair it with your favorite shorts
  5. Chinos are a great option too
  6. A skirt is a great choice for women
  7. Add a blazer for a professional look

Polo shirts are one of the most versatile pieces you can keep in your wardrobe. You can wear it on a casual day, dress it up on a formal occasion, or just throw it on if you have nothing else to wear. Fortunately, there is a polo shirt supplier in the Philippines that can provide you with different colors to choose from for affordable prices. The only thing that’s left is to know how to style your polo shirts. Here are some tips on how to look more fashionable and stylish with this classic clothing. Read on!

Keep A Collection Of Basic Polo Shirts

It’s easier to style your outfits if you have more options to choose from. Fortunately, Lifeline basic polo shirts are available in 28 colors! Our Line Polos, which feature a line detail on the collar for a more stylish look, is also available in 9 different colors.

You will never go wrong with neutrals such as white, black, heather gray, brown, and cream. These colors will pair well with plain or patterned bottoms, so you never have to say that you have nothing to wear again! After having the basics down, you can add more fun colors such as blue ice, fuchsia, misty green, violet, and a whole lot more.

Ensure The Fit Is Right

Ensure The Fit Is Right

The secret to looking more stylish without any effort is to wear clothing that fits right. This is especially important when you’re sporting a polo shirt. A proper fit will never go out of style, and it’s the secret to making your clothes last longer.

Fortunately, Lifeline Polo Shirts are available in a range of sizes for men and women. You can check out the Shopee and Lazada pages on the updated sizes available for your purchase.

Tuck Or Untuck The Polo Shirt

Tuck Or Untuck The Polo Shirt

When wearing a polo shirt, you might be wondering whether to tuck or untuck. The good news is, you can go either way. The key here is to consider the occasion.

Tucking in your polo shirt gives you a more formal and dressed-up look. But if you’re aiming for a casual vibe, then feel free to untuck the shirt. With this trick, you can transform your polo shirt for any occasion.

Pair It With Your Favorite Shorts

A polo shirt can be paired with a variety of clothing pieces. For casual days, you can pair it with your favorite shorts, especially when it’s summer! You can either pick denim, khaki, or sports shorts. As you’re going for a casual getup, you can keep your polo untucked.

There are plenty of style options when you’re wearing a polo shirt. A monochrome look gives you a more streamlined and sleek appearance. But if you want something effortless, yet stylish, you can go for contrasting colors. Pair a light shirt with dark shorts or vice versa.

Chinos Are A Great Option Too

Chinos Are A Great Option Too

Chinos are a style of pants that have a more tailored design. They look similar to dress pants or slacks and can be used for putting different styles together. Just like a polo shirt, they’re also suitable for both casual and formal getups.

If you’re going for a more dressed-up look, choose darker chinos such as black or navy blue. But if you’re running errands, traveling, or going on a lunch date, you can opt for lighter hues. Tuck in the polo shirt for a more polished and sophisticated look, and wear white sneakers or loafers to complete your outfit.

A Skirt Is A Great Choice For Women

A polo shirt is a type of unisex clothing. It can be worn by women with a pair of skinny jeans, denim shorts, and even fitted slacks. However, if you want a touch of something feminine, pair your polo shirt with a matching skirt and see how well you can carry it.

A polo shirt will pair well with pencil, flared, and mini skirts. Pair it with dark skirts if you’re going to the office or meeting with a client. To add some fun to your outfit, you can also wear a white polo shirt with a patterned skirt — such as stripes or cheetah prints — the choice is yours, really.

Add A Blazer For A Professional Look

Add A Blazer For A Professional Look

Want to use your polo shirts for work? Wear a blazer for a more business casual appearance. You can play with colors when styling your outfit this way. But if you want something tried and tested, opt for white or black polo shirts for a more professional vibe.

To upgrade the aesthetics, try pairing cream-colored polo shirts with matching black or gray blazers and trousers. Play around with different combinations to come up with your ideal look.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know how to style polo shirts, all that’s left is to build your wardrobe collection. Mix and match your clothes for any occasion — whether you’re going on a date, running errands, working at the office, traveling, or what have you.

Other than polo shirts, Lifeline can also provide you with quality T-shirts that can be worn for almost any type of occasion. If you’re interested in our apparel, click here!

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