What are some tips for logo placements for plain t-shirts? 

  1. Front Design 
  2. Back Design
  3. Left Chest
  4. Sleeves of the Shirt

It can be exciting to print out your next set of custom designs for your t-shirt business. You may already have the best plain t-shirts ready for printing, but the next question is: where will you place them? There are many logo placements for t-shirts available. Each location has its ideal print size. This can give you an idea of what kind of design to print there. Keep reading to learn more!


Front Design 

Front Design 

There are two different ways to print a front design on your t-shirt. The first is a moderately sized print, and the other is a full-front print. 

For moderate prints on the front of your t-shirt, think of Superman’s S. It’s situated right in the center of the chest about 4 inches below the collar. This is where it’s most visible to everyone. Logos in this placement ranged from 6 to 10 inches wide. 

You can also have logos come out as full print on your t-shirt. However, it can sometimes look too large. You’ll need to consider the print area of your shirt. If you choose to have the logo silk screened on the shirt, it might not be as breathable. 

Before proceeding with printing, take a look at your print. If the design does not appear too tall, you can proceed with printing. If not, consider reducing its size to make the t-shirt more comfortable for people to wear. 


Back Design

Printed back designs used to be called a “yoke” to reference the panels of cowboy shirts. It took a while for this placement to gain popularity. Today, many t-shirt printers will tell you that the back is the best for logo placement. 

Logos for back designs can be printed two to three inches wide and placed an inch away from the collar. It rests at the eye level of people especially if they’re standing behind you in line. For smaller prints like this, it’s better to keep the design simple.

It’s here that the brand will get the maximum possible exposure. Screen printers appreciate the wide available space. On the other hand, embroiders are not fond of this position since it’s difficult to position large embroidery designs. 

On the back, another option is to have a print span across your shoulder blades. Prints for this are bold letterings like those from security or event organizers. These prints measure 12 to 14 inches wide to make sure everyone can read them. 

For events, organizers make use of the back to print out tiers of sponsorship. It gives them the most space possible. Top sponsors often take up the most space at the top while other brands have smaller space as the tiers go down. 


Left Chest

Logos for most companies can commonly be seen on the left chest. It is the most recognizable spot to most consumers. That’s why it’s the go-to location for many. They’re used for many industries like employees, event staff, and even fundraisers. 

The prints located here are not big, commonly three to four inches wide and three inches below the collar. That means the design must be kept simple. People will not be able to notice designs that are too detailed, so keep it clean and simple. 

To bring balance to the t-shirt, you can also opt to add a print on the right side of your t-shirt. 


Sleeves of the Shirt

It is possible to have logos placed on the sleeves of your shirt. However, just like the right chest placement, the designs must be kept simple. This is one of the smallest spaces on a shirt, so complex designs may not be printed nicely here. 

The standard print size for the sleeves is three inches wide. It can sometimes go as wide as four and a half inches. It can go any wider than this. You can find these prints an inch above the hem of the sleeve.

However, some t-shirt printers have started experimenting with the prints on the sleeves. They test out vertical text on the sleeve’s outer portion. Others even try out full arm prints. 


Key Takeaway

There are many logo placements for t-shirts! Before choosing a placement, consider your print first. As discussed above, there are certain spots where prints need to be simplified because of the space area. You can also consider for what occasion the logos are to be printed. All of these factors can help you decide the best logo placement for your next set of t-shirts. 

Now that you know where to print your logos, you need to find the best t-shirt supplier in the Philippines. Here at Lifeline, we offer the most comfortable t-shirts of various styles and sizes. Inquire with us here today!

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