What are the benefits of wearing polo shirts in the office? 

  1. Gives a professional brand image to the company
  2. It’s convenient for employees
  3. It’s very comfortable to wear
  4. Creates a sense of unity among the staff
  5. It can be styled in different ways


Over the years, polo shirts have gained popularity as a more casual form of workwear compared to dress shirts. In the Philippines especially, it can be very stifling to wear business formal clothes all day in a climate like ours. Fortunately, polo shirts provide a cheaper, more comfortable, and easier-to-wear option that looks professional in an office setting. Here are a number of reasons why you should wear a polo shirt in the Philippines, particularly in the office.


Gives a professional brand image to the company

For people who want a formal company shirt, nothing does the trick quite like the polo style. For client-facing tasks, wearing polo shirts in the office will make employees look more professional and create a good impression for customers. 

As we’ve said, polo shirts are generally considered appropriate office wear. These are ideal for meetings with clients, doing administrative tasks, or spending the day at your desk. 

Another great thing about polo shirts is that they’re customizable, so your company can print, embroider, or paint its logo, statements, or branding. Some companies turn plain polo shirts into company uniforms by customizing them.

A quick tip on using a polo as a company shirt: don’t always go for a black shirt with a logo, which is done far too often. Work with colors and designs to your liking, until you have a shirt that you and your team would be proud to showcase in your company and even outside.


It’s convenient for employees 

It’s convenient for employees 

Gone are the days when offices were stuffy places only full of suits, pencil skirts, and blazers. These are appropriate for the workplace; in fact, most corporate enterprises still require this dress code for their employees. But nowadays, smaller businesses have more lenient requirements for office wear, and even big companies often have specific days where workers can wear less constricting clothing.

One of the top benefits of wearing polo shirts in the office is that you don’t have to spend hours every morning thinking of what to wear. Polo shirts are work appropriate and can make anyone look professional. 


It’s very comfortable to wear

The best part of wearing polo shirts has to be how comfortable they are. Invest in a polo shirt made from high-quality cotton fabric and make sure to get the right size, and you’ll be spending the whole day in comfort no matter where you are.

Filipinos have found ways to work around how hot the weather can be. That includes wearing loose or lighter clothing.

In the office, a polo shirt is ideal for looking put-together without sweating the whole day. Its fabric should be light without being too thin and should fit you properly. The ideal polo shirt is not too tight so as to be constricting, but not too loose so as to look sloppy. Plus, if you get the right size, the shirt won’t stick to your skin when you sweat.


Creates a sense of unity among the staff

Customized polo shirts in the office can create a sense of unity among the staff. Wearing polo shirts as a uniform can make them feel a sense of community. This is especially beneficial for new hires that need to be integrated with the team. 


It can be styled in different ways

It can be styled in different ways

Polo shirts can be worn by people of all ages and paired with anything from a jacket on the start-of-the-week Monday, a pencil skirt and blazer on a staff meeting Tuesday, to a pair of jeans on casual Friday. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste. Some of them have prints, too, but these tend to stray towards the more “casual” side of business casual. 

Polo shirts are also very easy to layer with jackets or vests if your office is cold. You can spruce them up with accessories to make them less plain. 


Tips For Wearing Polo Shirts in the Office 

A quick tip before you start stocking up on polo shirts in the Philippines for the office: make sure you look professional with your polo. 

When you do wear a polo shirt to the office, don’t pair it with ripped jeans or sandals, especially if your company doesn’t have a casual or business casual dress code. Remember that you’re still working in an office, so keep your clothes and accessories work-appropriate.

And finally, remember that not all polo shirts are created equal. Invest in a polo shirt that’s made of high-quality cotton, fits well, and whose fabric doesn’t easily tear, lose its shape or bleed.


Key Takeaway

Polo shirts in the Philippines have become more common in the past few years, and the office is a great place to wear them. 

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