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What are some things you should consider in t-shirt fit?

  1. The type of shirt
  2. The tightness of the shirt
  3. The shoulder seam
  4. The length 
  5. Body type

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple. As a provider of t-shirt bulk orders in the Philippines, we can say that there are many ways to wear them for all kinds of occasions. They also come in different fits that you can play around with. This versatility that t-shirts have is what many women look for in their wardrobe. That’s why it’s important to get tees that complement your body well. 

This article provides you with a comprehensive t-shirt fit guide for women. With so many styles out there it might be difficult to find the perfect fit. Keep on reading to learn more!


The type of shirt

The type of shirt

To find your perfect t-shirt fit, you’ll first need to know about the different kinds of shirts available in the market. There is a shirt type that’s perfect for your body type. At Lifeline, we offer a wide array of T-shirt types to meet your every clothing need!


Types of T-shirts Available at Lifeline

The classic t-shirt comes with well-fitted sleeves and shoulders. This gives you just the right amount of space for your arms to move around. This shirt should hang straight down your torso just below your waistline. 

At Lifeline, we offer regular fit shirts for sale in the Philippines. Check out our well-fitted women’s polo shirts and comfy unisex T-shirts!

This style has become popular on the market since it offers a comfy and trendy fit. Oversized fit t-shirts are meant to fit around your upper body then it hangs loosely over the rest of your torso. If you’re looking for oversized shirts with high-quality cotton fabric, check out our plain Oversized Shirts at Lifeline! You may also check out Lifeline’s Shopee page for our oversize shirt offerings. 


The tightness of the shirt

When you try on t-shirts, be aware of their tightness. You want your t-shirts to flatter your body type. 

A t-shirt should never be too loose on your body unless you are going for the oversized look. If it’s too big, the t-shirt gives you the illusion of having no shape. 

On the other hand, never get a shirt that is too tight. This can show off your curves and contours in an unflattering way. You may have perfectly toned abs and curves, but a tight shirt might hug your body in a way you don’t want it. 

Those with slimmer figures can get t-shirts that have a tailored torso. This allows the shirt to drape on your waist properly, flattering your slim figure the way you look. 

For those with large figures, go for a t-shirt with a structured fit rather than a loose one. This gives you more room to feel comfortable while looking great in your tee. 


The shoulder seam

The shoulder seam in your t-shirt plays an important role in the fit of the tee. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is, it’s the seam that runs from your shirt’s neckline to the highest part of your shoulder. This determines the fit of anything on the tee on your upper body. 

Pay attention to how a t-shirt rests on your shoulders. The endpoints should be lined up with the end of your shoulder bone for a perfect fit. The t-shirt will probably have an oversized fit if the seam droops over the edge.


The length

The length

While fitting a t-shirt, always test its length by lifting both of your arms. The correct fitting t-shirt should not expose your belly button. 

In general, t-shirts should hang one to two inches on your beltline, and they never reach your legs. However, the length of a t-shirt can also depend on the style you’re after. If you’re after an oversized fit, it’s only natural for the shirt you’re fitting to go longer while cropped looks call for more torso exposure. 


Body type

Body type

The majority of women know their body type and use it to their advantage. Understanding and knowing this can help you pick the type of shirt you’ll want to wear. 

They’re usually described in shapes to give you an idea of how your body looks and how to balance it out with the right clothes. 


The different body types for women

This body type is for women whose weight is evenly distributed across their torso. That means shoulders, waist, and hips have about the same measurements. 

The t-shirt that flatters this body type is the regular shirt fit since it hangs downwards from your shoulders to your waist. 


Women with a triangular body type have slim shoulders and wider hips. This is also known as a pear-shaped body. 

To emphasize their slimmer waists, women in this body type can wear slim t-shirts. The fit on the shoulders and waist can easily complement them. 


This is the opposite of a pear-shaped body type. Women with this body type have broader shoulders and narrow hips. 

The perfect shirt for this body type can depend on what look you are going for. For a more athletic look, find a straight-cut shirt that can drape over your shoulders properly. However, if you wish to highlight your shoulders, go for a slim-fit t-shirt.


When a woman has a round body type, they usually have broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a larger bust. Your hips can also measure evenly with your shoulders.

Sporting a regular fit t-shirt can help you achieve a relaxed but very flattering silhouette. 


Women with an hourglass figure have equal measurements for their busts and hips. If you’re looking for a fitted look, you can pick a t-shirt with a slim fit. This will accentuate your small waistline perfectly. A regular fit shirt can also work great since it drapes over your shoulders nicely. 


Key Takeaway

After reading this t-shirt fit guide for women, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of tee to look for that will flatter you and your body type perfectly. 

When you buy t-shirts, remember that there can be possible shrinkage after washing. Here at Lifeline, our t-shirts have a shrinkage tolerance of 5% on their length and width. You can view our size charts at our online store. We offer the best plain shirt in the Philippines with sizes that range from XS to 3XL. 

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