Where can you buy t-shirts wholesale in the Philippines? 

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With the holidays creeping around the corner, both consumers and businesses are preparing for the Christmas rush. Soon, people will be coming into stores to find Christmas gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. Sometimes, the Christmas list for some individuals seems to never end. That’s why many people result to buying things in bulk to accommodate all the people they want to give gifts to. 

T-shirts are practical gifts that can be useful to many. But, where can you buy t-shirts wholesale in the Philippines? This article goes through some of the places for you to explore to get the best quality shirts you can get for the Christmas season. 


Lifeline Shirts

Lifeline Shirts

Both customers and stores can get t-shirts wholesale from us here at Lifeline Shirts. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the best quality t-shirts. We make sure that all our products are comfortable, long-lasting, and cost-effective! 

Our catalog is filled with a variety of styles for both men and women. They can choose from a variety of styles: polo shirts, t-shirts, and oversized t-shirts. Each product comes in a variety of colors that have both vibrant and neutral colors available. 

Our shirts are made of a special cotton blend. Our customers won’t need to worry about these products wearing out quickly because it offers maximum shrinkage control, durability, and comfort. On top of that, we make sure that our products are available at affordable prices. 

Customers can avail of our shirts from both our website and our official Shopee store. On the other hand, businesses who may want to purchase our products directly can contact us here directly.



Another option is to go straight to a t-shirt manufacturer instead of finding a middle-man supplier.

A t-shirt manufacturer is responsible for producing the products themselves in their facilities. Various businesses prefer going straight to the sources since they find it a more convenient and affordable option. 

When purchasing from them, they don’t need to worry about the products being altered or tampered with. They receive the original product straight from the factory. Here, many are assured that they are given products of the best quality. 

In terms of cost, it may also be cheaper to buy from a t-shirt manufacturer especially if you own a business with a wide t-shirt inventory. Buying from them means you are getting the shirt at face value without any added costs that may be added by third-party suppliers. 

If you are looking for reliable wholesale tshirt manufacturers in the Philippines, you may contact Lifeline Shirts. Lifeline Shirts is a Philippine-based t-shirt supplier that only offers quality, comfortable, and affordable shirts. 

Since we manufacture our shirts here in the Philippines, it will be more convenient for you to order. Once you directly buy bulk shirts from us, you are assured the highest quality. 


A B2B wholesale marketplace

The term B2B refers to business to business. This is a business model applied in buying and selling products. For B2B selling, this means that manufacturers can directly sell their products to other suppliers and businesses. 

A B2B wholesale marketplace refers to a platform where businesses can buy and sell from other businesses. This comes with many advantages for shops and stores since it also eliminates going through a third-party supplier. 

Manufacturers can sell larger volumes of products here compared to other business models. On the other hand, the buyers can sell these products at larger profit margins since they buy directly from the source. 

Lastly, a B2B wholesale marketplace also promotes establishing relationships with various suppliers since many manufacturers may offer a long-term contract for buying their supplies. For stores, this provides them with the assurance that they can best good quality products from one brand for longer periods. 


Retail wholesalers

Lastly, t-shirts at wholesale can also be purchased from retail wholesalers. These are businesses that sell their products directly to store owners in the retail industry. They should not be mistaken for retailers. 

Retailers are those who are in charge of selling products like t-shirts to customers in smaller quantities. On the other hand, retail wholesalers sell t-shirts and other products in bulk at lower prices. They usually can lower prices if a store buys more pieces of the same product. 

As a retail wholesale owner, finding customers allows you to sell large quantities of your product to a variety of customers in one go. 


Key Takeaway

Now that you know where can you buy shirts wholesale in the Philippines, you can now find the business model that works best for you. This article provided you with many options for you, just in time for the holiday rush. 

At Lifeline Shirts, you are assured that you are provided with the best plain t-shirts and polo shirts in the Philippines. Aside from providing customers with a wide variety of colors, we also provide a wide range of sizes from XS to XXXL. Don’t hesitate to visit our website to make your purchase or contact us here today if you would want to buy wholesale from us. 

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