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T-Shirt Wholesale in the Philippines with Lifeline Shirts


Lifeline Quality Shirts for YouIn the business of t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines, quality is of paramount importance. The best quality of t-shirts at an affordable price will find greater success in the market. Since people from all walks of life use t-shirts, mass producing them has been a good opportunity to make a profit.

To get into t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines, you’re going to need a reliable supplier of high-quality products. Lifeline Shirts has been supplying quality shirts and providing quality service for our customers since 1990. Our shirts have also been used by companies, entrepreneurs, and families alike. Let’s show you what we got here at Lifeline Shirts below!

Wholesale T-shirts in the Philippines From Lifeline Shirts

Wholesale T-Shirt Provider

Our combed cotton blend shirts have different varieties. You can choose any of them when you’re into t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines depending on your main purpose and target market.

Plain T-Shirts

Lifeline Shirts creates the best plain t-shirts in the Philippines, the bread and butter of t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines. They are specially built to be easily customizable and can accept color dye very well.

When people buy t-shirts in bulk, chances are they’ll want plain colored t-shirts. We’ve produced premium quality plain t-shirts that are durable, versatile, and comfortable to wear for many groups and organizations in our many years of service.

Polo Shirts

Sometimes, collared shirts are the way to go. As your dedicated shirt supplier in the Philippines, we also offer plain and made-to-order polo shirts for ladies, kids, and adults sizes. Some designs have pockets, and some designs feature multiple colors and styles.

Sport Shirts

If you know you’re going to be moving around, then you need shirts that are designed for physical activity. Our sports shirts are both colorful and durable as well. We have plain designs in our store, but the more stylish designs can be made-to-order. Check some of them out here!

Long Sleeve Shirts

The longer-sleeved shirts can sometimes be more good-looking and comfortable than their short-sleeved counterparts. Our long sleeve shirts have both round-neck and collared designs. Color schemes include contrasting collars and sleeves, front stripe, and others.

Sleeveless T-shirts

For more athletic purposes, Lifeline Shirts also produces sleeveless shirts, muscle tees, and ladies’ tank tops. They’re made of comfortable fabric and are all made to order with vibrant color designs.

Ladies Fit Shirts

Being in the industry of t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines means that we should have t-shirts for everyone. At Lifeline Shirts, we offer our shirts in measurements that fit ladies better. We have ladies fit for plain shirts, polo shirts, sports shirts, and other variations that can be made to order.

Kids’ Shirts

We also offer our shirts in kids’ sizes so that your children can be included in the fun. The smaller sizes are designated with numbers instead of letters. Read on to learn more about the sizes that you can order our shirts in.

Ordering Wholesale T-shirts from Lifeline Shirts

lifeline shirt Philippines for your t-shirt wholesale needs

Lifeline Shirts is an expert when it comes to t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines. Our services have been tried and tested for years. Want to order from us? Here’s what you need to know:

Who We Cater To

Our main clientele includes institutions like schools, businesses, organizations, and other groups of people. We provide for their needs for uniforms, giveaways, or promotional shirts.

Where To Order

While the list of products can be viewed on our website, our shirts are available for order through our authorized dealers and corporate resellers. Feel free to contact us for dealership concerns and questions about t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines.


Our pricing accounts for the hard work that goes into our shirts and the quality of the final product. Customers can consult our authorized dealers and resellers for our prices.

Sizes, Designs, Colors

Our products come in a range of sizes for adults, kids, and ladies fit. Adult size shirts can be ordered from XS to 3XL, and ladies’ fit sizes are in M-4XL. We also have kids’ shirts in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. If you want to order bigger sizes, we can accommodate you for an additional price. The specific measurements of each size can be viewed on our size chart here.

We offer made-to-order designs that you can sample for an additional sampling fee. Before starting mass production, you should first get a sample and get it approved. Unfortunately, we don’t produce shirts with colors that are not on our color chart. But if you have a specific design in mind, you can show it to our dealer, and they’ll make you a quote.

Minimum Quantity and Production Time

The processes of t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines have limitations based on order size. If you want to order made-to-order styles, the minimum quantity is 120 pieces per style per size.

Production time can vary depending on different factors, so ask your dealer for a promised delivery date. The average production time for 1,000 pieces of t-shirts is 3 weeks and for 1,000 pieces of sport shirts, the average time is 4 weeks.

Invest in T-shirt Wholesale in the Philippines with Lifeline Shirts!

We at Lifeline Shirts pride ourselves on creating high-quality shirts that satisfy our customers’ needs. If this is what you need, then invest in t-shirt wholesale in the Philippines with us today! Just send us a message through this link and we can discuss your options!