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High-Quality T-Shirt Bulk Order In The Philippines


Looking for a large scale t-shirt manufacturer in the Philippines where you can order in bulk or big quantities? Buying in bulk will be an efficient way to get a large number of t-shirts while saving time, money, and effort instead of ordering them from retailers or small t-shirt shops one by one. Lifeline has been supplying quality t-shirts for schools, big and small businesses, organizations, families, and for personal use since 1990. Each of our products reflects our commitment to quality and to our customers. Our decades of experience have given us the attention to detail that made us the best and most trustworthy option to get a t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines.

T-Shirts from Lifeline

Lifeline Shirt

Our wares consist of different shirt varieties to accommodate our customer’s needs. We have been mass-producing shirts for years, proving our products perfect for a t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines. Here are some of our t-shirts: 

Plain T-shirts

If you’re looking for a plain shirt in the Philippines, it’s best to get them in bulk from us. The rich cotton blend fabric used for our shirts provides top-notch durability while retaining customizability. Because of the craftsmanship we put into production, our shirts’ colors don’t fade, the cloth won’t wear out, and you will always be comfortable wearing them.  While being a good fit for any size and color, they can also be designed with logos, pictures, or other graphics for your event. They are affordable and very versatile as they can be used for big events and family reunions alike. 

Plain Polo Shirts

More formal business events and functions call for collared shirts to be customized. Our polo shirts are made of quality fabric which makes them resistant to wear and to fading colors. The thick fabric is comfortable enough for all-day use, making them perfect for employee uniforms or other work environment uses. Also, the fabric makes our plain polo shirts great for further printing or embroidery.

Get a t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines from us and attach your company logo on our plain polo shirts.

Ladies’ Fit Polo Shirts

Buying in bulk means buying shirts for everyone, including the ladies. We also offer a ladies’ fit for polo shirts for a t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines. These polo shirts are designed to fit ladies better than the men’s polo shirts. You can take a look at specific measurements in our size chart to choose the fit you need.

How to Get A T-shirt Bulk Order in the Philippines From Lifeline

Order now at Lifeline

Our t-shirts will provide you with timeless style coupled with comfort and reliability. With its advantages, your t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines will get you the clothing that you need without too much expense. Here’s how to order in bulk from Lifeline:

Choose a T-shirt from Our Product List

First, you need to choose a t-shirt from our product list. If you like any of the items we discussed above, you will see more details in the list. Our complete list of products can be viewed here.

Decide on a Color and Style

Before you place your order, make sure you have a color and style in mind. Plain shirts come in various styles of round neck. You can also order them to be oversized. They are also available in a wide array of colors, so try to pick one before ordering. Take a look at the different designs that we have, and choose one that you like.

Get a Sample from Us

We make high quality shirts for an affordable price, and our items are in stock most of the time. We’re prepared to fulfill any type of order, be it bulk or small. Our inventory is always fully stocked, ready to be purchased and delivered at any time.

Not sure how our shirts will fit you? No worries because you can avail of sample shirts from us before mass production, at a minimal fee. This is a great way for you to test out the comfort and figure out the sizing that best fits your needs. 

Wait for the Promised Delivery Date

Lifeline makes good on every t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines. When all the details are down, just let us do the work and wait for the promised delivery date to get your t-shirts. Most of our orders are ready to be fulfilled within the day or the next day when stocks are finally complete.

Get Your T-shirt Bulk Order in the Philippines From Lifeline Today!

Have you decided to try out our high-quality t-shirts in bulk? Then it’s time to get your t-shirt bulk order in the Philippines from us today! Just send us a message here and we’ll assist in arranging a quote for you.