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How to know which shirt style is right for you?

  1. Consider your body shape
  2. Assess the occasion you are going to
  3. Explore collar styles
  4. Experiment with patterns and colors
  5. Check sleeve length


  • Different body shapes suit different shirt styles, and understanding your body shape helps you choose shirts that flatter your figure.
  • The occasion plays a significant role in selecting the appropriate shirt style. Button-up shirts are suitable for formal events like weddings and job interviews, while button-down shirts are more casual and ideal for activities like brunch with friends.

Button-up and button-down shirts are two styles that often are confusing. To the general shopper, their subtle variation can go unnoticed. But this little detail can be useful when planning your outfit for the day. This is because these two designs can influence people’s impressions of you.

In this article, we aim to find an understanding of the difference in shirt styles. From considering the event to choosing shirt designs, read on to learn more about button-up and button-down polo shirts.

Consider Your Body Shape

Consider Your Body Shape

To understand the style of shirt for you, it is necessary to review your body type first. This is because not all bodies are the same– and that’s a good thing! It just means that there is more uniqueness around us.

The main factors to your shape are your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Here is a quick run-down of the five basic body shapes:

These may be confusing at first but with enough experimentation in your wardrobe, you can realize your shape. Knowing this detail is one of the reasons why the right shirt size matters. This is because it can help you emphasize your features better.

Assess The Occasion You Are Going To

Knowing the occasion is key to understanding the difference in shirt styles. This is because each clothing piece evokes a different message. Whether dressing to impress or flaunting your style, where you are going is an important detail to know.

Button-up shirts present a cleaner look. They are ideal for formal occasions like weddings and job interviews. They are usually paired with a tie and dress pants. Button-down shirts, on the other hand, look more casual. They are go-to tops for a quick brunch with friends or smart casual activities. This makes both shirt styles perfect to wear to the office, balancing both work and play attitude with your outfit.

Explore Collar Styles

Explore Collar Styles

The collar styles between these shirts are their main difference. A button-up shirt is the usual style we imagine when we think of a shirt with a collar. It only has a line of buttons down the front.

A button-down shirt, however, has an extra sturdiness to its collar. It is because they have buttons on their collar points designed to pin them down. This detail was originally catered to the safety of polo players in the field. Pinning down the collars prevents them from flying around while they are playing.

Exploring collar styles is essential to ensure that you wear the right shirt for the job. This means that a button-down shirt is ideal for any rigorous activities. These can be running around for errands or playing with toddlers and pets.

Experiment With Patterns And Colors

Patterns and colors add a little more style to your outfit. For some people, they are the features that attract them to wear the clothing. Both button-up and button-down shirts come in different designs. Even though we have made a distinction between which is more formal and more casual, patterns and colors can influence those labels.

A more formal pattern is minimalistic. They can be simple thin stripes or orderly distributed polka dots. Colors are more toned down. They can be simple black or white options and the occasional beige and blue options. Casual designs have more bright and bold colors with crazier patterns and images.

Check Sleeve Length

Just like your shirt designs, sleeve length affects the labels of formal and casual in your outfit. Short sleeves are catered towards friendlier occasions. Inversely, longer sleeves are for professional events.

For longer sleeves, the sleeves should reach the center of the back of your hand. It can also be the first knuckle of your thumb. This is the ideal length to cuff them nicely, allowing you to move your arms comfortably. If you are not a fan of this, cutting it by your wrist bone is also a good option.

Key Takeaway

Button-up and button-down shirts are versatile pieces of clothing in your closet. This is because they have distinct styles that can cater to any event. Understanding what makes them formal and casual can give you the confidence to choose your outfits.

Nothing is better than collecting the right clothing pieces in your wardrobe. With Lifeline shirts, you can achieve your most fashion-forward ensemble with our quality polos and t-shirts. We ensure that they are made with thoughtful choices like using breathable fabric. Contact us and start curating a closet you’ll be proud of!

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