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What are the benefits of buying T-shirts in bulk?

  1. Buy T-shirts at discounted prices
  2. Increase profits when reselling the T-shirts
  3. Save time on ordering and delivery
  4. Always have T-shirts available on-hand


If you want to purchase T-shirts for retail, uniform, or events, buying them in bulk is beneficial. Not only will you benefit from discounted prices, but you can also increase your profits, save your precious time, and ensure that you have enough stocks on hand. Fortunately, Lifeline offers T-shirt bulk orders in the Philippines. If you’re interested in the benefits of buying T-shirts in bulk, you can keep on reading!


Buy T-Shirts At Discounted Prices

Buy T-Shirts At Discounted Prices

The best thing with T-shirt bulk orders is the price. The wholesale price is usually only offered to buyers who are purchasing products in larger volumes. That’s why it will always be cheaper and more cost effective to buy in bulk when you need large amounts of T-shirts. Most companies will offer a flat rate for a fixed number of shirts.

With bulk orders, the principle is more or less the same. The more you order, the more you save. You can ask your supplier about the minimum amount of orders needed to qualify for wholesale discounts. 

For instance, a black round-neck shirt from Lifeline will sell for a minimum retail price of 159 pesos. While it’s already affordable, you will save more if you buy in bulk. If you order at least 50 pieces, you can get a wholesale price. And if you order 500 pieces and above, you can get an additional discount!


Increase Profits When Reselling The T-shirts

Because you can purchase T-shirts for affordable prices, you can also gain more profits. You can still sell the shirts for the same price as you did before, but the only difference is the higher profit margin! This is especially important if you’re a small business owner.

Another benefit of buying in bulk is that you can pass on the savings to your customers.  Since you got your T-shirts for a cheaper price, you can also sell the final product for a lower price, which can help you beat your competitors. Most customers are attracted to affordable prices, so this will only end up with more sales for your business.


Save Time On Ordering And Delivery

Whether you’re a small business owner that sells custom T-shirts, an individual that wants to buy T-shirts in bulk for a one-time event, or an organization looking for suitable uniforms, wholesale orders can save your precious time. 

You don’t have to fill out order forms repeatedly, talk to customer service representatives all the time, and facilitate receipt of the orders again and again. Instead, you can move on to other important tasks, such as customizing the T-shirts, coming up with new designs, and the like!

Another advantage of buying T-shirts in bulk is that you can save on delivery fees if there is one. You only need to pay for a single shipping fee because you’re getting all that you need in one order.

These benefits can be experienced especially if you choose a reputable T-shirt supplier that can offer their products with consistent quality such as Lifeline! You will always receive consistent quality and service every time, leaving you with fewer worries.


Always Have T-shirts Available On Hand

Always Have T-shirts Available On Hand

Buying in bulk doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to order within the same style, color, or size. You can talk with your supplier about how you can reach the minimum order for wholesale discounts while ordering in different colors and sizes.

At Lifeline, you can become qualified for the wholesale price with a minimum order of 50 pieces. You can select the same colors and shirt style, or go for an assorted order. This is great news if you’re ordering T-shirts for your business because Lifeline offers them in 28 colors. If you’re interested, you can also browse the range of oversized shirts and polo shirts!

With this, you’ll be able to have T-shirts in various sizes and colors on hand. This is vital if you’re running a custom T-shirt business as some customers need their orders as soon as possible. By stocking on your products, you can avoid losing your customers to competitors!

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re selling custom T-shirts, looking for good uniforms for your employees, or need plenty of T-shirts for an event — chances are that you’re looking for ways to save money on your purchases. This is where wholesale orders will be beneficial — providing you with discounts, increasing your profits, saving your time, and ensuring that you have stocks on hand!

If you want to experience the benefits of buying T-shirts in bulk, you can contact us here at Lifeline! We can provide you with high-quality and affordable T-shirts, oversized shirts, and polo shirts so you can get the best value for your money. While our retail prices are already affordable, you can save more money when buying in bulk!

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