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What are the benefits of having a company shirt?

  1. Can be used as a uniform
  2. Effective marketing tool
  3. Can be used in various applications 
  4. Inexpensive and easy to produce

A company shirt is used by various organizations from different industries to influence brand impression. Having apparel with your company’s logo, color, or other important information is an excellent way to help customers identify your employees, foster a sense of community in the organization, and instill credibility. Here are the benefits of having a company shirt.  


Can Be Used As A Uniform

Can Be Used As A Uniform

Company shirts are custom shirts designed with your organization’s branding. Because of this, the people who wear it will represent your business. Since company shirts are associated with your organization, they can also be used as an employee uniform. 

There are several benefits of providing a uniform for your employees. T-shirts and polo shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. This simplifies shift clothes planning and saves time and money for employees. 

Branded work attire also shows professionalism and credibility to customers, especially when your employees are part of the front-facing staff. A person wearing your company shirt will look more credible to others because they look like they are part of your organization. This makes interaction with clients smoother. Aside from that, branded work attire can make anyone look more professional. 

Lastly, a company shirt also improves team spirit. When a group of people wears the same type of clothing, they’re more likely to feel that they are part of the team. This sense of belonging allows them to work better.


Effective Marketing Tool

A company shirt is a great marketing tool for your business. Everyone who wears them is doing you a favor by being a walking advertisement, showing off your brand logo, name, and other company information on the shirt to others! The branding helps pass on information about your organization to potential customers. If you have a well-designed shirt, it could even be a conversation starter too. 

Impressions are important when it comes to business. Every time a person sees a logo of your organization, this makes an impression on their mind. Company shirts can improve brand awareness and recall.

Unlike TV commercials and other advertisements, company shirts are very subtle when it comes to marketing your business too. Aside from the logo, you can also use an interesting design that will pique others’ curiosity. Consider adding other useful information too, such as a website, social media page, or phone number, so those who are interested can learn more!

Can Be Used In Various Applications

Company shirts can be used for various purposes. The first one, which has already been tackled above, is a uniform. For instance, polo shirts with branding can be used in the office because they can be styled to be more formal, thanks to the collar design. You can pair it with a uniform skirt or pants. 

Another use of a company shirt is for special events. For your company, this could be a team-building event or a workshop for your employees. Rather than the usual design of the uniform, you can incorporate the event’s theme or message into the shirt. After the event, it becomes a souvenir for the participants. Company shirts are useful for these occasions because they instill a sense of community. 

Aside from uniforms or event shirts, you can design branded apparel as a giveaway too. Make sure to design something that your target audience will wear. Make the design interesting and eye-catching. You can give away these branded shirts at special events, online contests, and the like!


Inexpensive And Easy To Produce

Inexpensive And Easy To Produce

One of the benefits of having a company shirt is that it’s inexpensive and easy to produce. Getting T-shirts printed in a bulk order can be affordable because you can get discounts for buying more. You also have plenty of color options when it comes to choosing the fabric. 

If you’re interested in ordering shirts in bulk in the Philippines, you can check out our products here at Lifeline. We offer plain T-shirts, polo shirts, and oversized shirts that are suitable for customization. Prices start at 125 pesos for retail, but you can get more discounts if you buy in bulk. You can choose from various colors too. 


Key Takeaway

Having a company shirt is the norm for many organizations, because of the many benefits they bring. First, the shirts can be used as branded work attire for employees, which can help improve professionalism, customer interaction, and team unity in the workplace. Company shirts are also effective marketing tools since anyone who wears them advertises your company for free. Other than uniforms, company shirts are also suitable for company events and giveaways. 

Fortunately, company shirts are very easy and inexpensive to produce. If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of having a company shirt, you can contact us here at Lifeline! Lifeline is a reputable shirt supplier in the Philippines that offers company shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, oversized shirts, and more. 

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