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What events can you wear custom t-shirts at? 

  1. Corporate Events
  2. Family Reunions
  3. Charity Events
  4. Sporting Events
  5. Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  6. Class Reunions
  7. Fundraising Events


Events are hosted for various reasons. You may be promoting your company’s newest product or raising funds for non-profit organizations. There are also less formal events like class reunions and parties. For all of these events, you can easily make the event and its participants look more professional with custom t-shirts. Custom polo shirts and t-shirts can also promote your event better and even foster team spirit. Here are the 7 events where you need custom t-shirts. 


Corporate Events

Providing custom t-shirts during corporate events is a good strategy to promote brand awareness. If distributed to all members of the company, you are able to show off your brand’s logo and name, printed on the best plain t-shirts in the Philippines

It can also help your target prospects and clients in the event itself identify the employees of a company. By doing so, employees are able to connect with interested parties. This can only be good for your company since it has the potential of boosting your sales. 

If you want your company’s custom design to stand out, work with a graphic artist. They can steer you in the right direction. They are able to incorporate your own branding with unique typography and complementary colors. 


Family Reunions

To some families, these reunions only happen once in a blue moon. These events give them the opportunity to reconnect and bond with relatives that they haven’t seen since they were little. It can be an event for the books. 

By providing everyone with custom t-shirts, you give them a token to remember the event by. You can have fun with the design, as well! Maybe use them as a way to identify each family member by tagging the aunts, uncles, and cousins. To add a familial bond, you can also draw inspiration from your history by creating a unique coat of arms special to your clan. 

When making the design, involve representatives from all sides of the family. Whatever design you have will have a special meaning since you worked on it together. 


Charity Events

Charity Events

Charity events are held in order to generate funds for a certain cause, charity, or non-profit organization. It’s meant to leave a positive impact on everyone who attends. To give eventgoers something to remember it by, why not give out custom t-shirts as souvenirs? 

Wearing custom t-shirts during this event is also a way to spread awareness. By wearing the t-shirt you can drive more people toward the cause, especially if you wear it after the event has passed. 

Finding simple ways such as this is good for the charity supported. Partner with a reputable shirt supplier in the Philippines and provide each staff with a custom shirt to achieve your philanthropic goal! Through the shirts, people are able to know who they are and may be inclined to help them in any way they can. 


Sporting Events

Sporting Events

There are only a few events where participants show a sense of camaraderie, sporting events being one of them. 

During these events, people from different walks of life are able to come together for their love of sports. It’s not a new image to see crowds of people wearing the same jerseys and t-shirts for their favorite team. All of them find joy and fun cheering and supporting their teams during the events. Give out custom t-shirts to promote teamwork and power through every sport! 


Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

There are only a handful of events that happen only once in a lifetime. An example would be bachelor and bachelorette parties. Make this an event something to be remembered by making custom designs that suit the future bride and groom’s style. 

The wedding entourage can have fun with the designs of these shirts. They can label the names of each bridesmaid and groomsman with a Team Bride or Team Groom. Wearing this for a photo opportunity is a Kodiak moment you’ll want to look back at years into your marriage. 


Class Reunions

Just like family reunions, a class reunion is an event that helps you reconnect with old classmates and friends. You may not have seen some of them since graduating, so it can be a memorable event for all of you to reminisce on the funny, heart-breaking, and special memories that happened growing up. 

Designing t-shirts for this event is very simple. Print on your alma mater’s logo, mascot and even the year you graduated. You can also order t-shirts wholesale in the Philippines to match your school’s colors! By doing this, you are able to unite the entire batch through t-shirts made just for them. 


Fundraising Events

Whether you’re hosting a fun run or a BINGO game, it’s always a good idea to provide custom t-shirts for fundraising events. It expresses the zeal of the good cause you’re supporting whether it’s for mission areas, construction of a school, or a church event. 

Unique designs can leave a lasting impression and make a good souvenir to bring home. This can help people recall how important the fundraising events were even long after it’s over. 


Key Takeaway

Now that you know the events where you need custom t-shirts, why not think about creating one for your next one? These personalized tokens are a good way of creating a sense of unity among their participants. It’s also a good way to remember each event even after it’s done. 

If you’re looking for a shirt supplier in the Philippines for your next event, we at Lifeline can help you! We have a wide selection of t-shirts made from a rich cotton blend. Here is our shirt size offering:


We also offer customers a discount when purchasing in bulk. Don’t hesitate to contact us here today. 

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