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How do you choose the right election shirt?

  1. Establish your needs and requirements
  2. Define a budget and quantity
  3. Choose the appropriate fabric for the shirt
  4. Finalize your design and printing method
  5. Find a trusted and reliable shirt supplier

Custom shirts are a must-have during the campaign period because they’re one of the most effective ways to promote and show support for a candidate in public — whether it’s the national, local, or even student council elections. When people wear the shirt, they get the name of the candidate out there and spread awareness about the campaign and the elections. Choosing the right election shirt is the key to showing support for your chosen candidate. Read on.

Establish Your Needs And Requirements

Before you choose an election shirt, the first thing you should do is establish your needs. By doing this, you can easily decide on the material, design, and supplier. You can make a checklist of your specific requirements. This might include the apparel type, fabric, quantity, printing methods, delivery options, etc.

To help you choose the right election shirt, you should ask the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the election shirt? Will it be worn as a uniform or be used for events?
  2. Who will wear the election shirt? Will it be the campaign staff, the supporters, the candidates, etc?
  3. Where will the election shirts be worn? Are the shirts meant to be used outdoors in the heat or indoors where the temperature is controlled?
  4. How frequently will the election shirts be worn? Will it be daily, on special events, or for one day only?
  5. How much are you willing to spend on the materials? This will depend on the budget and quantity you need to order.

Define A Budget And Quantity

Define A Budget And Quantity

How many shirts would you need to get printed? Try figuring out if you need election shirts for just a handful of staff, or see if you require more for a group of supporters. Aside from the quantity, you also need to get everyone’s sizes before making an order.

Fortunately, Lifeline clothing is available in several size options. If you’re interested, you can view the size guide on Shopee or Lazada. Here’s a brief overview of our available sizing options.

Lifeline Shirts are also quite affordable, so they’re suitable even if you’re on a tight budget. For instance, our round-neck shirt is only around a hundred pesos. If you order in bulk, you can avail of the wholesale price and order clothing pieces in assorted sizes and colors.

Choose The Appropriate Fabric For The Shirt

No matter how well-made and attention-grabbing the election shirt design is, if the fabric is not the best quality, then it may be uncomfortable to wear. For this reason, it’s recommended to know what fabric you’re using to make the most out of your purchase.

Whether the election shirt is to be worn indoors or outdoors, you should always prioritize comfort. This way, your custom shirts can be worn for a long time, which is necessary especially during busy campaign periods. The fabric should also withstand daily wear and tear.

Lifeline shirts are designed for comfort and daily use. The fabric is made of cotton and polyester blend, which merges the softness of cotton and the sturdy features of polyester. They can stand the test of time and require only low maintenance care.

Finalize Your Design And Printing Method

Finalize Your Design And Printing Method

By now, you probably have an idea of what your election shirt should say. It could tell something about the candidate or the campaign. Stay true to the message that you want to tell. Consider your target audience too and come up with a tone, color, and shirt style in mind.

If you have your election shirt design finalized, the next step is to choose your desired printing method:

Embroidery is another option, giving your shirt a more elegant look and feel. This method also ensures a long-lasting and highly-customizable election shirt design

Find A Trusted And Reliable Shirt Supplier

The last tip on choosing the right election shirt is to find a supplier. There are plenty of companies available out there, but you need to consider the following:

Lifeline Shirts has a long experience as a shirt supplier in the Philippines. With clothing made from the finest quality materials, reliable customer service, competitive prices, and fast delivery times, you can rely on Lifeline as your dedicated shirt supplier.

Key Takeaway

There are several things you need to consider when it comes to picking an election shirt. The printing method is important when it comes to producing a high-quality design. Aside from this, you need to consider the fabric used, so they can be worn for long periods. Sizing and quantity are important too. Lastly, you need to find a supplier that can meet your needs.

Lifeline is here to help you by supplying you with high-quality, comfortable, and personalized shirts. If you have additional questions on how to choose the right election shirt, you can send us a message here at Lifeline!

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