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How do you choose a shirt color for women? 

  1. Take note of your skin tone
  2. Remember the four colors that suit everyone
  3. Complement your eye color
  4. Use the color wheel as reference 


Many times when we shop, we’re not sure if something looks good on us or not. To determine if something is the right color, cut, or fit, we often turn to friends and family for advice. In the case of casual shirts, this problem can also arise. That’s why we’re here to help. Here’s our quick guide on how to choose shirt colors for women. 


Take note of your skin tone

One of the best ways to make sure your shirt looks good on you is to wear colors that match your skin tone. If you’re not familiar with what that means, here’s a quick crash course:

When we’re talking about tones, the surface tone is not the same as the undertone. The surface tone is what you’d probably think of when you hear the words “skin color,” and as its name suggests, it’s the color of your skin that is immediately visible or noticeable to others.

Your undertone, on the other hand, is what stylists say you should be matching your clothes’ colors too. There are only 3 kinds of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. You can determine your undertone by checking the veins on your wrist, temples, or elbows. The skin there is thinner, so veins are more prominent. 

Blue veins mean you have cool undertones, green veins mean you have warm undertones, and blue-green or in between the two means neutral tones. You can also find other ways to determine your skin’s undertone here.

As for the colors that match, cool undertones go well with cool colors, and warm with warm as well. The fun part is that if you have a neutral skin undertone, any color on the spectrum looks good on you!


Remember the four colors that suit everyone

Remember four colors that suit everyone

Just because a certain color doesn’t match your skin undertone doesn’t mean you can’t wear it—there are, after all, exceptions to every rule! In fact, some colors look good on everyone! 

The colors blush, eggplant, red, and teal can look good on anyone no matter what the skin tone. Of course, cuts and styles come into play, too, but even the average t-shirt would look good in glam colors like these.


Complement your eye color

Did you know there are certain shirts that can enhance your eye colors? Make your eye colors pop with shirts in contrasting hues. For example, green eyes will really come out when paired with coral-toned outfits or tops. Hazel eyes look good with colors like lavender and purple, while blue eyes really shine through when paired with neutrals.

And if you have naturally brown eyes, opt for navy and deep blues to bring out the warmth in your eyes. 


Use the color wheel as reference 

Use the color wheel as reference 

Sometimes you just want to throw on a specific pair of pants or bottoms, only to find that you don’t know which shirt to wear with it. For matching tops with bottoms, it helps to think of the color wheel. Again, here’s a quick crash course on how it works:

There are 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. You can mix them to form secondary colors: orange, green, and violet, and mix those further to form tertiary colors.

To match outfits using this method, you have multiple options: you can try analogous colors (which are next to each other on the wheel, and so have a similar hue), complementary colors (opposite each other on the wheel), or neutral colors like browns, creams, and whites. 

You can even organize your closet according to the color wheel if it makes things easier for you!


Key Takeaway

Remember that in this modern age, fashion rules are no longer strict and can be modified to fit your tastes and preferences. We’ve given you some styling tips for how to choose shirt colors for women, but in actuality, the best way to choose shirt colors is to mix and match based on your own preferences, and what’s the most comfortable for you.

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