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What do you need to know about the men’s guide to styling oversized shirts?

  1. Choose the right-sized shirt
  2. Add balance to the overall look
  3. Wear it plain and simple
  4. Layer it with long sleeves
  5. Top it off with a jacket
  6. Match the look with the occasion
  7. Try to personalize the shirt

Many guys prefer to wear an oversized T-shirt because it’s more comfortable to wear compared to tight-fitting clothes. It’s loose, free-flowing, and gives you ample space for more ventilation — allowing the breeze to pass over your skin. It’s ideal for warmer weather, which is a norm in the Philippines. If you’re interested in this type of shirt, here is the men’s guide for styling an oversized shirt. Keep on reading!

Choose The Right Sized Shirt

Choose The Right Sized Shirt

It’s common sense that oversized shirts are bigger than normal T-shirts, but you should still get the right size that fits you. There is a fine line between oversized and baggy. There is also a difference between a T-shirt that is specifically designed to be oversized, and normal T-shirts that are two sizes too big. 

Purposefully oversized shirts are made bigger in the right places — such as the shoulders and the waist. For this reason, it’s still important for you to get the right fit. Lifeline’s oversized shirts are available from S to 3XL:







Add Balance To The Overall Look

The key to a good outfit is balance. Since you plan on wearing an oversized shirt, you need to balance it with a slimmer clothing piece. For example, you can wear slimmer jeans or trousers with your oversized shirt. The contrast between the two garments makes the overall look more balanced. 

You can try tucking the shirt into your jeans or leaving it as is for a casual and relaxed look. Complete the look with your favorite shoes and maybe add on a hat! Oversized shirts also look good with fitted bike shorts, if you’re going for an athleisure look. 


Wear It Plain And Simple

Wear It Plain And Simple

If you want something that is suitable for casual days, you can wear a plain oversized shirt with no design. Choose a basic color, such as white, and wear it with a pair of form-fitting blue jeans or denim shorts. This can be your go-to day-to-day outfit if you’re looking for something comfortable. 

Fortunately, Lifeline offers oversized shirts in basic colors for you to choose from:

Layer It With Long Sleeves

Looking for something unique that will suit you on a cold day? The good thing about an oversized T-shirt is that you have ample space to wear a normal-sized top underneath it. Throw on your favorite long-sleeved shirt under your oversized shirt for a more trendy look in colder months. 

Just make sure that you’re layering your oversized T-shirt with a normal-fitting long-sleeved top to make your appearance more balanced. If you’re going for a cool and edgy vibe, try layering a black oversized T-shirt over a long-sleeved striped shirt! 

Top It Off With A Jacket

Who says you can’t wear an oversized shirt with a jacket — especially when you’re going somewhere colder? The trick here is to choose the right kind of jacket that will complement your outfit. 

For example, take a white oversized shirt and layer it with a denim jacket for that chic hipster vibe. The normal cut jacket will give your loose shirt more structure. You can also go for a leather jacket if you’re going for that rock vibe. 

Match The Look With The Occasion

Whatever you wear, make sure to always consider the occasion. An oversized T-shirt is more suited for casual days because formal occasions call for something that is more fitted and structured. 

If you’re looking for something that can be worn in more professional environments, it’s recommended to opt for polo shirts instead, since they’re versatile enough to be styled for both casual and formal looks. If you’re interested, you can find more than 20 colors from Lifeline!

Try To Personalize The Shirt

Basic shirts allow you more freedom when styling, so don’t be shy to personalize your look and experiment! Maybe you want to have your oversized shirt printed with your own design. Or you can also utilize your favorite accessories to level up the look!

Don’t forget the other components of your outfit as well — from hats, belts, and shoes. Make the look your own and rock it. 

Key Takeaway

Follow this men’s guide for styling an oversized shirt, so you can achieve your desired looks. Oversized shirts are a great addition to your wardrobe, especially for day-to-day wear. They’re perfect for casual looks, as long as you get the right size. 

If you’re interested in basic clothing pieces for your wardrobe, you can check out our products here at Lifeline — the most reputable shirt supplier in the Philippines! We only use high-quality fabrics to provide you with the comfort and durability you expect from your everyday clothes. T-shirts start at only less than 200 pesos!

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