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How To Wear A Women's Polo Shirt

How To Wear A Women’s Polo Shirt

How do you wear a women’s polo shirt?  Make sure you have the right fit Pair it with skinny jeans Wear it with shorts for comfort Be elegant in a skirt Highlight a bright color with neutrals Wear trouser pants for added sophistication Put on a jacket in cold environments A polo shirt is not […]

Men's Guide For Styling An Oversized Shirt

Men’s Guide For Styling An Oversized Shirt

What do you need to know about the men’s guide to styling oversized shirts? Choose the right-sized shirt Add balance to the overall look Wear it plain and simple Layer it with long sleeves Top it off with a jacket Match the look with the occasion Try to personalize the shirt Many guys prefer to […]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Polo Shirts

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Polo Shirts

What are the common mistakes to avoid when wearing polo shirts? Wearing the wrong size Popping up the collar Unbuttoning all the way Wearing an undershirt Wearing large logos Not knowing when to tuck in A polo shirt is one of the most effortless tops you can wear because it can be styled for both […]

How To Choose Shirt Colors For Men

How To Choose Shirt Colors For Men

How do you choose shirt colors for men? Understand color theory Consider your skin tone  Look at your hair color Invest in basic colors Pay attention to other colors in your outfit Keep on exploring different colors Many guys don’t know how to pick T-shirt colors that match them best. To choose the right one, […]

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